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Located at 925 NW Davis, Yoga Pearl is dedicated to providing a space of education and exploration for our community. Here you can find classes of many styles, from prenatal and yin to deeply challenging Power Vinyasa classes. Our teachers are experts in their field and we ask them to teach only what is connected to the truth and passion of their own practice.

We believe wellness is a convergence of our work on and off the mat. We are honored to share our space with wellness practitioners of many disciplines and Prasad, a nourishing health food cafe.

We hope you’ll join us in our practice.


It is Yoga Pearl’s intention to provide a space for individuals at any place in their path to explore the impact that movement and breath can have on personal growth, inner and outer strength, and the deep work of self-love. We believe that the tools our colleagues share within these walls are medicine for a greater existence.


Karen Pride, Owner

Ambition, passion, love, a never ending curiosity and the belief that we are all connected in this world fuel me to live each day to the best of my ability. Life is such a wild adventure and I am constantly in awe that we get to be here, alive, exploring this beautiful life.

It was a love of physical movement and an attraction to eastern philosophy brought me to yoga around 2008. I dove headfirst into my yoga practice while planning and opening my first restaurant. This restaurant, Prasad, is located inside of Yoga Pearl so I was able to feed my new love of yoga while simultaneously throwing myself into the restaurant business. Then in 2012, my innate entrepreneurial drive combined with my passion for the practice of yoga and led me to take over ownership of Yoga Pearl.

I went on to open two more restaurants in 2013 and 2015, all focused on serving simple, clean, delicious and healthy food. In 2018 I sold all of my restaurants to re-direct my attention towards self-care, travel, creativity and of course, Yoga Pearl.

These days, life is focused on finding balance after being a restaurant owner, working continually to share the benefits of healthy, organic eating by cooking for yoga retreats,  investing in my multitude of hobbies and traveling. The open road has called my name since I was a child so when I am not at Yoga Pearl it is safe to assume that I am wandering streets near and far, seeking experience, searching for connection and fulfilling my insatiable need for travel. I am also examining a fast growing pull to do greater service work in the world and trying to understand what direction that strong attraction will take. 

Thank you for supporting Yoga Pearl. I love this community with my whole heart and I am humbled to share this space with you. 

With love,

Karen Pride


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